The treatments I do are all non-manipulative, stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism to heal itself. Treatments are: The Bowen Technique A gentle hands-on release of tense muscles and tendons, activating the bodie’s impulse to realign itself, by relaxing and releasing pain. Reiki Healing through gently placing hands on the body’s chakras to heal blocked up energy points, re-charging and balancing the mind/body/spirit. The Journey process – Cellular healing work Entering suppressed cell memories by guided meditation in order to find out the root cause of a physical or emotional issue and by doing so, releasing negative emotions, dealing with unfinished business or/and traumas to give back life, vibrancy and health to our cells. Ideal to put ends to vicious cycles and come out of

Financial hardship and difficulty

Failing or unsatisfactory personal relationships

Poor health

Depression or grief


Anger issues

Addiction or compulsive behaviour

Weight problems

Poor career and job prospects

All sorts of physical conditions






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Heathfield, East Sussex 

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